Data Tape Media

data tape media

Connexion Point are the back-up cartridge and tape, and data cartridge and tape specialists, supplying a range of quality brands and products for all your storage needs.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide friendly advice and solutions for all of your tape media requirements, including Dell, IBM, Sony and HP LTO tapes.

1. At Connexion Point we are the authority on backup data tape and cartridges and have the expertise to offer you the best solution for your tape storage needs.

Connexion Point fix and service all of the tape drive brands available, and have the accumulated knowledge to advise you on the type of backup and data tape or cartridge that is best suited to your business. We realise how poor quality tape media can impact your organisation’s efficiency, and pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding backup data tape media and cartridges to the Australian market.

2. Connexion Point only supplies quality makes of back-up and data cartridges and tapes.

Connexion Point has built a reputation for providing tape media that has been produced to exacting standards and specifications by trusted manufacturers.

3. At Connexion Point we do not sell inferior quality backup and data tapes and cartridges.

Inferior quality tape media can impact the efficiency of your data storage and will reduce the working life of you tape library, tape drive, or autoloader. The team at Connexion Point realise how important it is to provide compatible, quality tape media as an effective solution for your storage needs.

4. At Connexion Point we have a range of data and backup tapes and cartridges that are competitively priced.

One of our customer services team members is available to discuss your organisation’s needs with you, and can offer an excellent price on our quality range of backup tapes and cartridges.

5. Connexion Point is Australia’s leading authority on data and backup tapes and cartridges.

One of our knowledgeable and experienced staff members will be happy to help you select the best tape media for your tape drive, give us a call or send us an e-mail today.

Do you need new tape media for your tape drive? Do you want expert help figuring out what kind of cartridge or tape you need? Does your tape drive or auto-loader need to be repaired? Call Connexion Point on 0800 666 456.

  • We supply top quality data and backup tapes and cartridges
  • Our products are absolutely reliable to protect your valuable data
  • We sell superior quality brands that are reliable and made to last
  • Competitive prices with bulk deals available on all our tapes and cartridges


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