LTFSTOR - Drag and Drop to Tape Technology

Tape data storage has never been so easy. It's as simple as plug and play, then drag and drop. The brand new solution for managing and accessing tape data storage. Containing the benefits of primary and long term storage - all in one.

LTFStor software provides a quick and easy way to achieve long term storage of data files onto tape. The software solution integrates LTFS technology and LTO tape technology within a network and backs up vast amount of data, securely and reliably. Data can be managed simply and flexibly in a cost effective long term format, and accessed quickly, equivalent to primary storage solutions.

Combine all the great benefits of tape with the simplicity and usability of the plug and play concept.

The fantastic advantages of tape:

  • Longevity of data
  • Reliability
  • Removable and transportable
  • Scalable
  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Know exactly where your data is and how to get to it in 30 years time. 
Compatible with LTO-5 and LTO-6 tape generations.

Advantages of LTFStor

Simple to Manage

The straight forward interface of LTFStor ensures an intuitive and user friendly software experience. Normal operation of a tape library requires complex software to read and write data, but LTFStor offers simple access to this data, simply drag and drop just like you would with a USB drive.

Highly Flexible

Data is stored in an LTFS format making data immediately available in any system with an LTFS interface. Storage capacity can also be expanded by adding an extra tape, or an additional tape library.

Low Implementation and Operation Costs

LTFStor has surprisingly low set up costs. Similarly, the expected life, long term costs, robustness and reliability of tape all contribute to LTFStor being an extremely cost effective solution.

High Data Security

Tape is considered to be a highly secure and reliable form of data storage. LTFStor contains encryption to secure sensitive information and read-after-write verification to help ensure data integrity.

It's this Easy

Plug and Play

Install the LTFStor software to its server quickly and easily in the plug and play manner.

Drag and Drop 

Simply drag and drop your data in the appropriate folder within the LTFS directory and it'll be automatically backed up in the background. Any user or application server can access the tape library within the local corporate network, and all the content in a network share is visible and searchable.

And More

LTFStor is connected through a SAS or fibre channel interface and stores data automatically and independently to the tape library in the background. Tape groupings allow the storage capacity of multiple tapes to be merged into a single large network storage, therefore single tape management is unnecessary. LTFStor includes a smart caching to ensure fast data access, as well as to prevent connection and data transfer errors. It also allows for multiple user access by simultaneously reading and writing.

To learn more about simplifying data storage and the savings that LTFStor can make to your fixed disk storage costs, contact us to discuss your project needs or for a demonstration of this exclusive technology. We're here to help.

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