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data to tapeAt Connexion Point we are the tape drive specialists and experts on tape storage from stand-alone drives to Autoloaders, Libraries and industry specific applications.

Tape is alive and well and is still the preferred means for backup retention and archive data storage as well as 2nd tier storage. Current generation LTO Ultrium technology now stores up to 30TB* on a LTO-8 cartridge, with the technology road mapped to generation 12 which provides for 480TB* of data on a single cartridge (*assume 2.5:1 compression)! Storing and backing up data to tape remains the most cost effective and energy efficient way to manage the life cycle of stored data.

Why tape?

Digital magnetic tape has been recording, preserving and protecting data for over 60 years. Throughout this time it has constantly evolved to meet the core needs of business and currently combines its undeniable superiority in long term data retention (in excess of 30 years) with its lower cost per GB, lower operating cost and lower energy cost than other data storage options. In fact the Clipper Group established that the total cost of ownership (TCO) to implement a disk based solution for long term archiving is 26x the cost of a tape based solution.

Tapes robust, compact design also makes it ideal for moving large data sets off-site as part of a robust DR plan or between business entities.

Best brands, best quality

Connexion Point sources tape drive equipment providing the highest quality and reliability from leading brand manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Quantum, Tandberg and Sony. We also stock quality refurbished tape drives and autoloaders that have undergone extensive testing so you can operate confidently knowing your data resides on a tested platform. Whether you are looking for 20 year old tape hardware or the latest LTO we can help.

Backed by Warranty

New tape drive equipment is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, and all refurbished tape drive equipment carries the CXP 6 month warranty, with extended warranties also available on request.
Our dedicated and committed team will help you source all models and brands of tape drives, irrespective of whether you are an end-user, re-seller or distributor.



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