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UNITEX – USB3.0 Connected Tape Drives

UNITEX of Japan has combined the proven attributes and economies of LTO tape with the ease of USB connectivity with their range of desktop USB3.0 connected, IBM LTO, tape drives. This connectivity eliminates the need for additional SAS controllers, Thunderbolt/SAS converters or Thunderbolt enabled computers.

As an example the LTFS LT range is the ideal tool for the archive or transfer of large data sets (i.e. video files) from/between different OS platforms to/from LTO tape using the LTFS format. With USB3.0 connectivity maximum transfer speeds are up to 240MB/sec. Available in LTO8, LTO7, LTO6 and LTO5 configurations and USB/SAS hybrid for even greater connection flexibility and performance.

UNITEX LTO Tape Drives support LTFS (Linear Tape File System). With LTFS the LTFS LT range represents the LTO8/7/6/5 tape just like a hard drive or USB key to provide copying, moving and deletion functionality, as well as drag-and-drop capability in the user interface.

As an LTFS formatted tape can be read independently of the storage system this means any matching generation LTO tape drive will support access, now and in the future, to the tape contents. This is important for those industries wishing to share significant data sets as well as those concerned about their ability to access their archived data 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now.

LTO tape offers a storage medium with a shelf life and reliability that greatly exceeds that which is achievable with spinning disk, external HDD and/or solid state technology.










LTFS LT range Highlights

• USB3.0 or USB3.0/SAS connectivity
• Supports LTFS for drag and drop functionality
• Available in LTO7, LTO6 or LTO5 specification
• Up to 12TB native storage capacity per tape cartridge (LTO8)
• Mac OS X / Windows / Linux OS support
• Compatible with industry leading backup and archiving software
• Supplied with UNITEX LTFS3000 software providing LTFS functionality

LTFS LT range Applications

•Archiving existing movies/videos
•Distribution of movies for post-production
•Archiving TV programs at TV network
•Archive/Distribution of CAD/CAM data
•Archiving high resolution medical files or patient files
•Long-term IP tape storage for surveillance cameras
•Transfer the data from HDD to tape for long-term storage and saving energy
















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