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Get the assurance and protection from a SWAPiT and RENTiT tape drive rental agreement from Connexion Point.

SWAPiT is a unique service for our long term tape drive rental customers. Rent a tape drive or tape autoloader for 12, 24 or 36 months and we will include our exclusive SWAPiT agreement with your tape drive or autoloader rental agreement.

SWAPiT means that if your Connexion Point rental tape drive or autoloader breaks down we will send you a replacement loan unit with the same technology as your previous one by the next business day. Simply swap the equipment at your site, return the failed unit to Connexion Point, and your backup or archiving will keep operating with minimal disruption.

A SWAPiT tape drive or autoloader rental agreement with Connexion Point gives you the flexibility to swap your existing rental equipment so your business can keep up with the next generation and / or higher capacity technologies. No penalty fees will apply, though your monthly payments may increase.

With RENTiT you can choose to extend your rental agreement at a minimal monthly cost at the end of your existing agreement, own the tape drive or autoloader, or expand with more advanced technology. The choice is yours.

Have the security of knowing there is always a matching tape drive or autoloader on hand.  Find out why SWAPit and RENTiT is right for you – give the friendly and experienced Connexion Point team a call on 0800 666 456.

  • SWAPiT available with all 12 to 36 month tape drive rentals
  • Avoid hefty tape drive or autoloader repair bills
  • Avoid storage and backup downtime while the failed tape drive unit is repaired
  • Access to the latest tape drive technology throughout your RENTiT term
  • No lock-in to purchase a tape drive
  • Put your working capital to better use

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