Tape Drive Repair

tape drive repair

Connexion Point are the tape drive specialists

At Connexion Point we realise how much having to repair your tape drive or autoloader can impact your business. Protecting your data and getting your equipment repaired quickly and easily is vital, and Connexion Point has the expertise and experience to do just that.Repairing tape drives is our speciality. We can service and repair your backup tape drive and help protect your data with a minimum of fuss and hassle. Connexion Point provides tape drive repair services that are second to none.

6 month warranty on all repairs

At Connexion Point we are so sure of the quality of our repairs that we offer a 6 month warranty on all tape drives that we fix.

Fixed quotes and no-obligation assessments

Once we have had a look at what needs to be repaired we will always give you a quote before beginning any repairs, giving you the option of either going ahead or choosing not to repair. If you do not want us to carry out the repairs you will only be charged a basic inspection fee and the cost of returning your tape drive.

At Connexion Point we treat your tape drives as if we own them ourselves. Not only do we repair your tape drive or autoloader, but we pride ourselves on how your tape drive looks when we return it to you in sealed ESD protective bags.

Quick fixes for jammed tapes

Is a tape stuck in your HP tape drive?

Click here to watch a short video clip on how to manually unload a tape from your HP drive.

Or, click here for step by step instructions on removing a tape from an HP drive.

Is a tape stuck in your IBM drive?

Click here for some hints and tips on the cause and ways to remove it from your IBM drive.

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