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Who is Connexion Point?


Connexion Point specialises in data storage and backup, with a team of dedicated professionals on hand to assist you with tape drive equipment sales and rentals, data tape supplies, urgent tape drive repairs, warranties, and tape drive backup and storage advice. We service all types and brands of tape drives with a strong emphasis on providing quality to our clients.

Here at Connexion Point, our team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic engineers and support staff are focused on providing our customers with a high standard of tape drive testing and repair, and strive to deliver quality data storage and backup system repairs with the shortest lead times and lowest possible costs.

As market leaders, Connexion Point has been repairing data backup and storage systems and providing support to the IT industry since 1995, and is a global brand you can trust. Our service centres are based in New Zealand and Australia with strategic partnerships elsewhere in the world.

Connexion Point is focused on supporting our customers through a relationship that is based on understanding, being responsive, prompt, knowledgeable, interested and helpful. This is achieved through staff that have an excellent attitude, are dedicated, enthusiastic and who act with a high degree of professional integrity.

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