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Tape Barcode Labels

Connexion Point supplies LTO, DLT, AIT and other high-performance tape barcode labels for your LTO Ultrium tape drives.

1. CXP can provide any type of printed removable or permanent barcode tape label you need.

Connexion Point can supply a supply a complete range of tape cartridge barcode labels for LTO / SDLT / DLT / AIT / SLR / DAT / 4mm.

2. Connexion Point can customise tape barcode labels for you.

CXP supplies customised barcode labels to fit any user environment, including LTO barcode labels, DLT labels and AIT labels. You can request any 6 character alphanumeric sequence, any colour combination, and any tape barcode label orientation.

3. CXP offers an easy ordering system.

Simply e-mail or fax your tape barcode label requirements. There is no need to do your own customisation, just tell us your needs and we will configure barcode labels to your specifications.


11 great bar code tape labelling tips

  1. Tape drives and tape libraries can be particular about barcode labels on data tapes.

  2. Precision is vital.  A tape barcode label must be correctly positioned to ensure accurate filing.  An incorrectly positioned tape label may cause the tape loader to load the wrong tape, damaging the tape or library.

  3. Do no re-use a tape label or re-apply a label over an existing barcode label.

  4. Before applying a new tape label remove the old tape label by slowly pulling it at a right angle to the cartridge case.

  5. Use peel-clean barcode tape labels that do not leave a residue after they are removed.  If there is glue residue on the cartridge, remove it by gently rubbing it with your finger, do not use a sharp object, water, or a chemical to clean the  tape label area.

  6. Examine the tape label before you apply it to the cartridge.  Do not use the barcode label if it has voids or smears in the printed characters or bar code (an application’s inventory operation will take much longer if the barcode label is not readable).

  7. Remove the tape label the label sheet carefully. Do not stretch the tape label or cause the edges to curl.

  8. Position the tape barcode label within the recessed barcode label area.

  9. Use light finger pressure to smooth the tape label so that no wrinkles or bubbles appear on the surface.

  10. Verify that the tape barcode label is smooth and parallel, and has no roll-up or roll-over. The tape label must be flat to within 0.5 mm (0.02 in.) over the length of the label and have no folds, missing pieces, or smudges.

  11. Do not place other machine-readable tape labels on other surfaces of the cartridge. They may interfere with the ability of the barcode reader to read the barcode.


Need tape barcode labels for your tape media? Want to discuss options with a tape barcode expert? Need to get back up and running? Get in touch with Connexion Point here.

  • ANSI/ISO standard tape barcode labels

  • Custom printed tape media barcode labels

  • Tape labels that will not peel, distort, reflect or fade

  • Any quantity or colour combination of tape barcode labels

  • Any tape media barcode label you need

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