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Happy Birthday, we’re 20!

Connexion Point NZ is 20 years old! Yes it’s 20 years ago that Connexion Point formed to meet the needs of industry with a specific focus on data tape technologies.

Back in 1995 when we started the DLT8000 offered a whopping 20GB native capacity on their DLT-IV data cartridge. In 2000 the first generation of LTO was launched offering 100GB native capacity. Now LTO-6 offers 2.5TB native or 6.25TB compressed data capacity. In 1995 the native transfer rate for the DLT8000 was 5MB/s while LTO-6 offers 160MB/s.

Once only available with a SCSI LVD/SE interface the modern tape drive is available with either SAS, USB, FC or Thunderbolt connectivity options.

Once confined to the operational expertise of the ‘computer geek’ commanding complicated backup software tape is now available to all with LTFS making LTO tape as easy to use as a USB drive.

Data tape technologies have developed dramatically over the last 60 years and continues to provide compelling solutions to industry. With even higher capacities and faster transfer speeds being developed tape will continue to provide a low cost, reliable, energy efficient, portable and scalable data storage solution, unrivalled by other technologies, well into the foreseeable future.

And, rest assured, Connexion Point will continue to provide data tape technology expertise and support for many years to come. After all we’re only just out of our teens!

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