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Media & Entertainment - LTO/LTFS digital workflow solutions

Content is King. It is your product, your inventory and your asset. Long live the King! With the development of digital technologies video/film content producers and distributors are transitioning from analogue/linear workflows on videotape or film technology to digital/non-linear workflows based on data files. In the digital workflow the file is the unit of work being moved from one process to the next by network file transfer, removable disk drive or LTO tape. Managing and protecting this content with the right data storage solution is more important than ever.

In response to industry demand Linear Tape File System (LTFS) was developed to complement the inherent advantages of LTO tape with a self-describing open source interchangeable format providing tape file access similar to other file based storage.

Whether it be Production, Post-production, Distribution and/or Digital Archive the combined benefits of LTO tape and LTFS are as follows;

•COST: Tape has the lowest cost of any other storage media and a tape at rest doesn’t require any energy. Single drive versions of LTFS are available as a free download from the tape drive vendor. •RELIABILITY: Tape has proven reliability, a media shelf-life of up to 30 years and a bit error rate 100 times better than disk. •SPEED. Single drive LTO Generation 6 solutions are able to transfer data at a rate up to 160MB/sec. •PORTABILITY: LTO tapes are durable and large amounts of data can be easily and inexpensively transported. Each LTFS formatted tape is self-describing containing a file contents index similar to a USB key or hard drive. •SCALABILITY: For example, LTO-6 media can store up to 2.5TB of uncompressed data in a single cartridge. Unlimited capacity is simple, it’s as easy as loading another cartridge. •EASE OF USE: As an extension of the operating system LTFS allows file transfer through common drag & drop, copy & paste commands. •OPEN SPECIFICATION: Backed by the LTO manufacturers and licensed to multiple vendors ensures you are not locked into a proprietary solution. •MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT: Linux, Windows and Mac OS. •MULTI-VENDOR: LTO/LTFS standards ensure vendor neutrality.

As well as multiple vendor LTO solutions Connexion Point is able to offer these CXP supported solutions;

UNITEX designs and markets innovative USB3.0 connected LTO based products ideally suited to meet the fundamental industry need to improve file based production, distribution and digital media archiving workflows across multiple OS platforms. Whether your needs are on-set, near-set or post production UNITEX can assist with your content storage and archiving needs. UNITEX utilise IBM LTO drives in their products.

Additional information can be found at UNITEX

LTFStor –Using tape libraries as a network data storage (NAS) solution. Put in highly simplified terms, LTFStor allows the use of tape libraries as large economically compelling data storage systems in the network while presenting the tape library as if it were an imaginary hard disk of the same total capacity. LTFStor delivers the performance of disk with the cost effective properties of tape in one simple scalable solution. Dual copy and on-line/off-line file search functionality are a few of the compelling features.

Additional information can be found at LTFStor

Did you know; the Clipper Group found that the average disk-based solution cost 26x the total cost of ownership for an average tape-based solution, as the energy costs alone to spin the disks exceeded the total cost of the tape solution.

The Enstor autoloader/library range is manufactured by the world’s largest tape storage solution manufacturer (80% of all autoloader/libraries) and is typically fitted with HP manufactured drives. Enstor autoloaders and libraries are promoted and supported exclusively by Connexion Point where our direct relationship with the manufacturer ensures we can provide the same solution as other brands at a very competitive price. Additional information can be found at Enstor

Whether you need advice, sales, service/repair or short/long term rental contact Connexion Point

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